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Website Design

Website design for small business, home business, and equine farm and tack shops, is my specialty.

A properly designed website, optimized to rank well with the popular search engines, is your twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week, three hundred sixty five day a year sales person.

For less than the price of a telephone, local yellow page Ad., a website will reach as wide of a market as you desire. That market could be your home-town or the entire world, all for the price of one website design.

The problem with print advertising has always that it reaches a wide non-targeted market and ends up in the garbage pail within a very short time.

A website on the other hand, is targeted to your particular market and once read, it will be there waiting on the next potential customer.

Before you hire a website designer there are a few things to consider:

1. Your website is a marketing tool, intended to bring in additional business.
2. Many folks can set up a basic website. However there is much more preparing a marketing website than some pictures and a few paragraphs of self-serving content.
3. For high ranking, your site design has to work with the search engines.
4. Copywriting for a website is quite a bit different from the style used for print advertising.
5. Most importantly, website designers know website design however; they do not know your business, or your customers.
6. Nobody knows your business like you do.

Hire a designer that is willing to take the time to become familiar with your business, has some knowledge of search engine optimization and can design a website around your answers to the following questions.

Define the Goals for Your Website Design

• Produce revenue through online sales
• Interact with customers and potential customers
• Provide information questions
• Provide online services
• Enhance the image of your business
• Get increased exposure
• Generate leads and or sales
• Gather customer information
• Showcase your products